Revising-Insert Sad Face Here

Revising. Insert sad face here.  The only thing I can say about revising is ouch!  There is nothing like thinking you are brilliant to go back and reread that brilliance and discover that your diamond was a piece of coal.  It is usable, but not as shiny as that first perception.  The thing about coal is-it can with a lot of pressure be transformed into a diamond.  A LOT of pressure.

Lucky for me I have a mother figure in the community and a father with poor eyesight. 52 font is the minimum requirement to get their feedback. This is irony.  Of all the people I know these two are my biggest critics. They have no problem with saying something doesn’t make sense. And my father, on many occasions, has called me to the carpet.  “You’re holding something back.”  He’s right every time.

Thankfully podcasting became an easier task.  In an effort to make my material accessible to my father and this friend I started recording my revisions.  Again ouch.  Even after revisions, I found the story still needed some repairs.  There’s is nothing like hearing your voice and realizing that what you wrote sounds outlandish.  After some hurt feelings, baked goods, a cup of coffee an occasional motivational video via youtube  (and usually in that order) it gets done.  So far Dad and this friend seemed pleased with the first five chapters. With a little more pressure the book should be done by the end of March.

Occasionally I’ll post podcasting nightmare stories, because I have lots and lots of blogs and book chapters to record. And after recording the first five chapters I have learned that there is a lot to learn.

That’s the beauty of life, if you allow it, she reminds us that we don’t know all that we think we do.

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