It’s March Already?

Dear Reader Friends,

I cannot tell you how many times I have sat down to write a note, only to get interrupted and walk away before I finished. 😭 Then the day would get away from me and I’d lose my train of thought.

Then I looked at the calendar. It’s March.

So, I made sure to heed the call of my 4:45 alarm to get this note to you.

It’ll be a quick note too. So far I’ve read sixteen books. Four were fantasy, two were nonfiction, and the remaining ten were either romance or women’s fiction.

This week I’ve started my first Darynda Jones novel, First Grave On The Right. Oh my, she is sassy, funny, and sweet. I can see myself getting caught up on this series. But I haven’t decided if I should go through them all at once or ration them to one or two a month.

I’d really like to know, what’s your approach to reading a series? Is it different if the series is longer than three or four books?

Also please know that replies matter. In January, I mentioned that I didn’t have a tracking system. Then someone mentioned that they just write it in a journal. So that’s what I did….after I added stickers.

This is where I’ll bid you adieu for now.

Happy Reading

❤️ Merri

P.S. True story-roughly eight years ago my friend, Nicole, and I binge read all of Susan Mallery’s titles. We dug deep and went as far back to when she wrote the thinner Harlequin romances. It was fun trading books and comparing notes on characters and plot lines. Both of us were sad when we reached the last title. Thankfully, she’s written more since then.

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