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halloweenToday a friend posted a this funny Halloween meme on Facebook. I literally laughed out loud because 1-it’s true and 2-I get really excited about decorating for Christmas.  What about Thanksgiving? You ask. The month of November flies by.  I really don’t know how, but I’m thinking that it’s probably the chocolate coma induced by consuming the candy that doesn’t make it into the bag of the trick or treaters.

This year is a little different.  When the clock strikes midnight,  I am participating in the Nanowrimo challenge.  I have storyboards for novels that haven’t been written for various validly invalid reasons.  Earlier this week I read a Success Lab tvblog with the theme “Just imagine you are 99 years old on your deathbed and all of a sudden you have the chance to come back to right now.  What would you do?”  Honestly, the only thing I would regret not doing is writing these books that I’ve started in journals.

I know I’m not the only one with this dream of writing a book.  A lot of people have said in one way or

Nanowrimo logo

The tool that will help me finish the novel

another that they have a great story for me to write.  Guess what, if that story was meant for me, it would have got to me.  So the pleasure (and sometimes pain) of sharing the wisdom is yours. Now’s the part where  invite you to join me.  Hey, why don’t we both write a book this month!

Actually, what you need to do is go out have an epic time tonight and then come back and write the story.  Having said that I close by saying Happy Halloween my friends.

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