Goodbye Childhood

It is a little known fact that I have two baby teeth.  There was never an adult tooth under the baby tooth so they stuck around.  Of course Patricia Ann took this as a sign from the cosmos that she was never intended to grow up.  As my friends matured I looked at them with sadness because they would be left longing for a life I was to live forever. Right?

Think about it-always wanting to eat dessert first and since I am chronologically an adult I can!

French braids are way easier than having to deal with curling irons, hair spray gel etc.

And-I really wouldn’t have to care about how I looked (even though I did).  I know this for a fact because one of my sons insists on wearing the same shirt until I sneak it out of his room in the middle of the night so it can be laundered.

And then the cosmos said, “Whoah! honey girl Trish (that’s one of my nicknames) you have taken this too far,” and Bam!!!  a cavity that can not be repaired with a filling struck one of my beloved baby teeth.  I never saw it. For those of you, like me,  who didn’t know,  sometimes tooth decay can happen at the bottom not the top of the tooth.  And then, life must have known who it was dealing with because the other one is so loose the dentist said, “I could pull it out with my finger right now if you want.”

“No I don’t want!”

So what is a girl to do?  The dentist knew who he was dealing with. Perhaps going to the same dentist for my adult life was not such a great idea after all. He is good, really good. Did you know an infection from a cavity can bore through your sinus cavity up to your brain and kill you?  Neither did I!

So given the facts it was decided that the final vestiges of my youth must go the way of the other baby teeth before them.

Hum-now I’m gonna have to eat vegetables ALL the time, pass on dessert because it will go to my hips and I’m kinda scared that I’m gonna have to pass my Converse collection on to the next generation.

But hey, compared to the other choice: meeting Jesus in person (which I’ve decided I’m not ready to do) I can’t complain.  And please oh please let me be able to keep my converse collection!

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