First Snow

I prayed for a snow day. Like a kid promising a parent they’d eat their broccoli, I made bargains. And, the good Lord said something to the effect of, “You’re going to face this challenge.”
With a face grim with determination, and knuckles white from gripping the steering wheel, I set out on the four-mile journey that may as well have been a cross country trip.


There is a highway under all that snow

Words of encouragement like “I’m a big girl, I can handle it.” And, “You drive as slow as you need to. It doesn’t matter what people think,” got me into town and  as the distance between where I was and the final destination decreased, my elation increased. Whooo, go positive self talk.

odometer reading 30 miles per hour

Yes, I drove 30 miles on the freeway.

Things were going so well, I rebuked myself for being scared in the first place. Then, without warning, this happened.

car stuck in a drift of snow

And, we are stuck in a snow drift

I can teach the most reluctant person how to read and write well. I can write novels that entertain and delight. My nemesis skill is driving in the snow.

What does that mean? Prepare yourself for the blogs. The season for hunkering down to write has begun.

I close this one with warm wishes and hopes that there are people in your life to help you the way the people in our small town work with me through my weaknesses.


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