Fighting the Monsters


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Lately, the news has been weighing on my heart. It seems everyone in our country  has lost their ever loving minds. When I finally muster the courage to deal with the world  where do I go?  Yes, the local coffee shop.

Bear in mind coffee shops in small towns are not a place to go for quiet. If we could get anyone to listen to us, the world would be a better place, because we have solved all  its problems.

Except this time, the world didn’t need help. I did.  And, after one hour with some good friends, all the axises realigned and everything was as close to normal as we could hope for. They helped me realize that in the darkness, my little birthday cake sized candle of love needs to shine. It may not be much, but it’s what the good Lord gave me and I need to be a good steward with it.

Every romantic person has a friend that is a realist. It’s how we keep balance in the world. Invigorated by our conversation the day prior, today, I told my coffee klatch my new vision. For every token of negativity, I will try to put something positive out there. 


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With a straight face, the friend asked, “What are you going to do, break into people’s houses and hug them?”

I said, “No, but I might dust and vacuum a bit for them.” All of us around that table about died laughing.

Neither solution was viable, but isn’t that what good friends do–they help with creative problem solving.

And, so you have yet another reason why I love our small town in the far, far north. Our elixir for fear is a cup of coffee sweetened with some healthy banter.

With that being said, my wish for you reader is that you have people that can look you in the eye  when you’re having a bad day, and tell you that love is larger than the  monsters, and then prove it to you.

Until the next post….

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  1. It is so true! That if you put a few thoughts together, things can become more clear. You always make us think!! That I love 🙂

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