Father-Son Scene From Home For Good

In recognition of Father’s Day, I’m sharing a scene with one of the devoted fathers in the Three Creeks Series.

He’s the hometown hero. She’s the small-town sweetheart he left behind.

It broke Katie’s heart when Brock severed ties with her. She believed they were going to get married and live happily ever after. With some help from her friends and family, she healed, grew up, and moved on. There were some bumps along the way, but Katie was at the point where she could say she was happy with her life. Then Brock moved back to Three Creeks and turned her world upside down.

Retired, Army Colonel Brock Buchanan knows how to go into a battle. He’s served on numerous tours and helped rebuild communities under the enemy’s nose. They say love is a battlefield, so he should have the upper hand when he returns to Three Creeks to claim what he foolishly left behind all those years ago.

When Brock and Katie reconnect at a high school reunion, they take a trip to the past. Brock sees a new future for them. Katie has 20/20 hindsight of everything that went wrong. Everyone in Three Creeks is asking the same question. What strategy will Brock use to rekindle the love he left behind?

Read this heartwarming, small town, clean romance and find out why Brock wants to return home for good.

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