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A Sewing Circle Romance

First, I’ll place a disclaimer here. The authors of the books I share have no clue I’m sharing their stories. I only share stories I like. The genre doesn’t matter as long as I feel like the world is a better place when I close the book.

It is science fair season, I just started my last grad school course, and we are on high alert for the flu. All this translates into quick, clean romance reads. Finding a good one (for me) is a difficult task. This week I am delighted to say I found an author who met my need: Amelia C. Adams. The Sewing Circle romance falls into historical, clean fiction, but the characters feel modern.

A group of grandmothers meet in a sewing shop. Beginning with Esthers granddaughter, Miriam, and Nola’s grandson, Toby. The two seemed sweet on each other when they were in high school, but something came between them. Of course the community in Topeka, Kansas steps in to help.

Miriam is strong. Toby is doting. For the time being, he extends the gift to his grandmother.

I’ll stop here because I don’t want to give too much away.

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