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A Recipe from a B is for Beauty Character

In B is for Beauty, an anthology of Beauty and the Beast fairy tale retellings, I wrote a story about Melissa and Zane. Both want love. When it finds them, they struggle with believing it is real. This is where Aunt Patty’s muffins come into play. When Aunt Pattie’s muffins strike a different note, Zane starts his journey toward belief in love.


Zane climbed into the jeans he left on the chair beside his bed, then slid his arms into his flannel shirt. Music bled through the walls of Grayson’s room. Zane remembered playing music as a teenager to motivate him before heading out to school and appreciated the connection he had with his brother. The sweet scent of muffins toasting in the oven tickled his nose, encouraging Zane to look forward to what was in store.  One day, it would be Melissa in the kitchen. He hadn’t quite heard what his uncle said, but his aunt’s laughter told Zane that Connor was in a good mood.

One day it will be Melissa and me over banana chocolate chip muffins.


In honor of B is for Beauty being on sale for 99¢ Here is the link to buy a copy I’m sharing Aunt Patty’s recipe. This is actually two recipes. The recipe Patty makes when Connor is in the kitchen and the one where she is alone.

I hope you enjoy the recipe. Make sure to get your copy of the story. The sale ends at midnight on February 28th.

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