The first book in the Small Town Stories is scheduled for release on Amazon. They are shorter reads intended to deliver a happily ever after in less than two hours.

Piece of Cake, the first book in the series,  was inspired when I was handing out cake at a high school graduation and two people reached for the same fork. I don’t know about the people in the experience, but for a moment I was transported to a time and a place that eventually became this story.  Here is a link to the Instagram post where I decided to share the world in my head.  Four months later, the story is real.

And this is the part where I introduce you to the characters:  When Lacey reached for a piece of cake, she accidentally picked up the hand of Mr. Golden Eyes, Colton Hughes. He captured her heart and disappeared into the crowd of people leaving her to think it was a momentary crush. The next time they met she ended up on her back under a shower of fruit. And thus began her introduction to life in small-town Montana.

From one misunderstanding to the next she wonders if perhaps life would be easier if she moved to Arizona with her parents. Who cares that the state is so hot people can fry an egg on the ground.

Colton sets out to prove that not only does she fit in perfectly in the small community, but Lacey also belongs by his side.

In this quick read, Lacey will learn that love and laughter are only one step behind the obstacles, and if she will let him, Colton is more than happy to catch her every time.


STS_PieceofCake_3DpromoLink to Amazon

The book will be available on October 20th.



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