Valentine’s Day Stories

There are friend, family, and marriage milestone happily ever after stories. The key ingredients in all of them were: the struggle, the help, and the bond that resulted from the combination.

We Can Make…

“We can make a book about ten kids writing books!” Midway through Nanowrimo I thought I’d merge my librarian and author hat. And, to be honest it was one of those lessons that took on a life of… Read More

Eventually They Get It

The strongest tell tale sign of puberty is the voice. A drop in range makes the voice easier to hear so less force is required to project the sound. Fortunately, the kids don’t realize this so I hear every secret they try to hide. And the look of surprise, when confronted with the knowledge that they were thinking of ditching 4th hour is priceless.

Love of a game

So, I stood up to see 18 students staring at me with their mouths agape. What could I say to save this moment. The teacher that wants to make everybody feels like all is good in the world came out…

Things Change

I still remember reading a Dick and Jane text book over and over as a 6 year old. That was the only book we had in the house for a long time. Then somebody, I can not remember who, gave my parents a mini library. It was an encyclopedia set of short stories that were Christian based. They were Uncle Arthur’s Stories. There were enough to keep me entertained for easily a year. This person’s kindness changed my reading habits.

Arizona Adventure June 10

This has to be what those people feel like when they reach the top of Mount Kilamannjaro. So I’m counting it as an adventure.

Summer Adventure June 3

They thought they were being “too cool” to outwardly appreciate the joke. To the observers eye it looked like they had a synchronized gas passing experience.

Multiple Choice in a Right/Wrong Situation

the stealing for the most part stopped. Then one of them tried stealing my ipod. It was one of those moments in life where I saw the multiple choice options. I could

A. Slap it out of his hand and claim temporary insanity

B. Break out into open prayer (that’s a chapter in my book)

C. Send him to my tall friend

D. Warn him