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When all the cards are on the table who will Gina give the chance to win her heart?

Gina Davidson works with her father on the family farm. As the sole heir, she has a lot to learn. Her father has hinted that he wants her to get married, but she doesn’t have the time.

Her world is thrown upside down when Eric Sandberg decides Gina is the perfect companion for him.

When they were younger, Gina was the only one who could go toe to toe with Eric and hold her own. Older and wiser, Eric has called on some allies to learn all that there is to know to win Gina’s heart. Except Eric didn’t take into consideration that Gina would remember things he said in the heat of competition. Nor did he expect Jorgen’s attempts to keep her for his own.

Before Gina’s older brother left for Afghanistan, Jorgen promised to watch out for her. So he isn’t going to sit back and watch Eric whisk her away. He suspects Eric’s interest has everything to do with Gina’s inheritance and nothing to do with family ties.

The tug of war Eric and Jorgen play with Gina’s heart will bring out the best and the worst in them, testing everything Gina thought she knew about love.

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