Holiday Kisses

Holiday kisses and Christmas wishes bring gifts that show how special you are.

Jordan and Iris are peppermint and chocolate, cocoa and whipped cream, gingerbread and molasses. They are fine when they are apart, but that much better when they’re together.

Which is why it is so important for Jordan to get Iris to admit she’s the towns’ secret Holiday Kisses Angel. Think of all the good they could do together. He cannot figure out why she is so determined to maintain the ruse when he knows it’s her…and where did the sudden urge to kiss her come from?

* * * *

Every year, shortly after Thanksgiving people receive gifts from the mysterious, Holiday Kisses Angel. Holly has given small tokens of appreciation for so long it is second nature. And she was doing quite well, thank you.

That was until Jordan joins forces with Holly’s nemesis, Shannon to reveal the identity of the Holiday Kisses Angel. Jordan and Shannon have the resources to do so much more than Iris. Why is Iris so important to them?

* * * *

The questions get that much more harder to answer when Jordan gives Iris the holiday kiss she never saw coming.

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