Time Doesn’t Change Some Things

I wonder if any one could catch the essence of the night. The one where people said, “We shouldn’t have to wait 5 years to get together again.”

Sometimes You Have to Live It to Believe

Pastor Tommy Barnett says many memorable things, but two are pertinent to this story. The first one is:  If you want to make your life better, help somebody else improve theirs. My response to Pastor Barnett had been,… Read More

Who You Listen to Makes All the Difference

Over the past week I had the privelige of seeing a phenomenon that still has me thinking.  Who am I listening to?  And, is that the right person to look to in that particular situation.  It was watching a pivotal moment… Read More

Was It Worth It?

The tipping point had come.  I stopped sat on a rock on the side of the path and started crying.  Not a big baby embarassing cry. It was the kind of cry that only people who really know… Read More

Every dream is a good one.

Seventeen years ago I was a divorcee with two small children.  My oldest was four and the youngest was two.  They were and still are my world.  Having said that, I was looking for something a little more exciting… Read More

Happy Happy Happy

Today-there was a dovetail with my technology. My youtube, blog and social networking. Like the cords of a rope my personality is complete and stronger. I used to have it all together with yahoo 360. There was a… Read More