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Burpees For Vets

As a mother, I knew when my son went to Afghanistan he was going into dangerous territory. I knew he was going to encounter things I couldn’t begin to fathom. I never in a million years considered that they’d come home with him.

I have friends who struggle with PTSD as well. And I have to tell you there is nothing more humbling than wanting to hold someone to heal their hurts and knowing it would never be enough.

I pray for our soldiers. I tell them how much I love them. I encourage them when they reach out for help. I’m a writer so I know words help. But deep inside there was something inside me that knew I could do a little more. But what?

Then something from the Spartan Race hit my inbox. They are working with Burpees for Vets to raise money to help Veterans struggling with PTSD. I can do burpees. Doing the burpees as a fundraiser put a little more of my heart (and back) into the support. For the month of July, I am trying to do 6000 burpees.

I read that doing them five at a time makes it easier mentally. So here are my first five…5995 to go.

This July, the post schedule is going to be a little more active than usual. I’ll tag the stories as Burpees for Vets. I tried creating a page on the sight. Hopefully (crossing my fingers) it comes up as a different blogroll.

Until the next post

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