537 Devotion Lane Bonus

You know that feeling when you go to a party and try to remember everyone’s name, and the moment you open your mouth to introduce him or her, their name slips from the mental Rolodex.

I’ve developed a life hack to make it a little less awkward.

I tell an amusing story about the first time I met the person like, “This girl tells the best jokes– or I like her because she drinks sweet tea–or we met at the snack table.” Then I admit I forgot his or her name. So far, every time it has happened, the person has been gracious and admitted to having forgotten a name.

That’s what this puzzle is about. They’re questions to help you get reacquainted with the friends you’ll see in most of the Ashbrook, Montana books. Have some fun testing your wits.

And…. like that gracious person that gets it, I’ve included a word bank at the bottom of the page 😉

You can complete the puzzle on the page. Or hit the three lines, and an option to print the puzzle are in the drop-down menu. Send a screenshot or a picture, or just send a note saying you’ve finished the puzzle for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card. I’ll choose a winner on May 30th.

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Love Happens When You Least Expect It Cell Phone Wallpaper

Victor and Mayra discover many things on their journey to happily ever after. Their biggest surprise was that it was their turn for love. It was something they both wanted and came when they least expected it. That’s how it is with most things: the reconciliation with a dear friend, the words that bring peace to a painful situation, the news we hoped for but secretly believed might not happen.

Here’s a little something to remind you it can happen

Save the image on your cell phone. Then go into your settings and choose the picture you want to use for your wallpaper.

Here’s the word bank for the crossword puzzle

Amanda • AshbrookMontana • cherrysoda • Christine • daisies • farmer • flattire • Gina • Jack • JohnMayfield • LondonBridge • park • Redman • Rootbeer • Sandberg • skunk • softball