Month: January 2023

Reader Oops

Dear Reader, I have a confession. I committed a major oops last night. I was warned. I nodded that I got it. Then I turned around and did exactly what the author warned me not to do. Let’s go to the beginning of the story…. Last night I […]


Good morning, Reader Crawling out of bed in the dark, dark, early morning can be a challenge. It’s that way every January, but I have a plan. While everyone else is buying the low cal, reduced sugar foods, I pívot. I buy my favorite creamer. This year’s flavor […]

Gifts from 2022

People have different traditions on the first day of the year. It’s the day I like to sit down and thank the previous year for all the blessings. There are the big ones: family, my home, the ability to breathe air (I’m asthmatic, so breathing is a big […]