Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter Seven: Selene Will Talk to Her Father

Persephone removed her cowboy hat to reveal her long, brown, wavy hair that cascaded to the middle of her back. Her violet color eyes sparkled like there were actual stars in them. Her beauty stunned Dolph and his brother into reticence. “If you ever need a place to stay, you know where I live.”

“That’s a fire neither of us wants to touch. And I’m not here to bandy with men. I have stepdaughter I need to visit.”

Caitlin slapped Demetrius on the shoulder. “Close your mouth already. You act like you haven’t seen a beautiful woman before.”

Persephone’s laugh was so smooth, Caitlin’s heart shuddered when the sound reached it. “Andrea’s stepmother?” Caitlin guessed.

“No, Selene’s”

Demetrius nudged Caitlin in the arm. “Close your mouth already.”

They walked with Persephone to find Selene.

Her presence changed the atmosphere enough to prompt several of the farmhands stop what they were doing to stand still with a mouth dropping stare. Aware of their glances, Persephone smiled in their general direction while following Caitlin and Demetrius to Selene.

“I’m glad you met Dolphino in person. Most people only see him in disguise.” She cast a backward glance towards Dolph who was in the middle of a conversation with Dan. With her brow wrinkled in concern, Persephone continued her introduction to the man hidden behind the glamor. “As a matter of fact, Dolph is a child of Morpheus. Morpheus visits people in their sleep and teaches them how to recognize dreams and make them a reality. Dolph broke rank and took the way of a dream killer. You see, he never recovered from the loss of his younger sister. She looked up to him like he was the king of her world and he tried hard to make sure she was always happy. When she died, he decided if he couldn’t have his dream life and survived, others should suffer the same fate as well.

“But he seems so nice.” Caitlin tried defending him.

“That’s how he works,” Persephone warned. “Most dream killers are obvious. They’ll make fun of you for believing in yourself, or they’ll tell you your dream is stupid, or you can’t do it. Those are the amateur dream killers.”

A vision of Mrs. Pryor flashed in Demetrius’s mind. All of a sudden, he understood the power struggle. He was trying to bring things to life, and she was right behind him destroying them.

“If you can get beyond them, Dolph steps in. He gets his power by convincing you that your dream in unimportant because there is a better one out there. So you go after this better dream, and the one given specifically to you goes unfulfilled, and the world is forever changed. The more dreams he kills, the better his crops, the healthier his cattle and so on and so forth. And the nerve of him for making that remark about my husband, even Hades lets me out to fulfill my purpose.”

They were at the front of the house when Marjorie and Angelica greeted Persephone who immediately addressed Selene’s absence, “She’s hiding in the kitchen. Really? Like a little heat is going to scare me away.” She strode through the front door like she owned the house.

A mass exodus of people including Ella didn’t bother looking back as they rushed out of the kitchen.

Ella’s sweet voice explained their presence on the porch. “We’re thinking they needed some privacy to talk to Selene. Perched close to the door with her ear tilted to help her hear better, Andrea tried eavesdropping. She quickly straightened because Selene argued, whined and pleaded loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Real fathers don’t lie to their children about something as important as a second wife,” she bellowed.

To her credit, Persephone’s voice never wavered. Her warning that a man who would imprison a woman until she agreed to marry him, had ways of ensuring his daughter acknowledged him.

Selene practically screamed, “I’d like to see him try.”

Persephone used facts and hints to sway Selene towards seeing things her way. “Do you really want to be separated from your sisters? You are already missing from Arcadia. He could take you now, give a plausible explanation and they would live on earth, and you would be stuck with Hades.”

Marjorie and Angelica held their hands over their mouths in horror. Angelica’s face paled, and she whispered, “We’ve been trying for almost a year to get her to talk to our father.”

They heard a foot stomp and “Fine.” Caitlin tripped over Andrea in a rushed to get away from the immediate area when they heard Selene stomp towards the kitchen door.

With the attitude still in her voice, she asked, “Ella, do you mind if I go talk to my father. It’ll be quick.”

“Take all the time you need honey.” Ella hugged her tightly before returning to the kitchen to begin the lunch preparations. She took one long last glance at Selene before returning to the kitchen and whispered, “I hope everything works out alright. I’ve grown attached to Miss Sassy.”

I close this piece repeating the advice spoken through Persephone. Guard your personal vision closely and protect it from those who interfere with them coming to fruition.

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