Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter Four-More Than What I Signed Up For

Angelica tried consoling a distraught Eugene. “Sometimes people don’t say things they mean.” The girls were inside with Demetrius when they heard the clacking of his footsteps pacing the front porch. His face frozen in anger, Eugene fought with his body to maintain even breaths. It took some coaching, but she finally got him to agree to sit on the steps and talk it out with her.

“If it wasn’t the truth. I’d believe it.” Eugene’s jaw tightened “I’m ready to go home. This is more than I signed up for. I heard it with my own ears. Damien thinks I can’t do anything right and Peter said, ‘We wouldn’t need people like Eugene.’”

Selene went after Dan, Brian and Peter and they saw Andrea moving quicker than lightning to chase after Damien.

“Now that you’ve seen stranger danger hasn’t got me I’m going to the barn.”

“Maybe you should wait here. So they’ll see that you’re alright.” Angelica didn’t know what else to say. Marjorie and Selene were better at making people do what they wanted.

“If you want I’ll send a morse code message.” He stomped off towards the barn.
Walking in the direction of the barn, Dan pointed toward the house. Brian and Peter joined Andrea on the steps. Lengthening his stride, Dan hurried to catch up to Eugene. Dan would know what to say to fix the problem.

Disgusted with the boys, Angelica said, “You would think you’d learn to exercise some sensitivity.”

“We’re not the ones who sent everybody out in the prairie on a wild goose chase,” Peter grumbled.

Placing her hands on her hips, Angelica asked, “Did you think to look in the bathroom first?”

If she wasn’t so unhappy with them, Angelica would have laughed. Their mouths formed perfect O’s to look like enlarged Cheerios.

The pained look on Eugene’s face provided her the stern temperament they needed to support her point. “He heard everything you said about him.”

“We didn’t say anything bad.” The tone in Damien’s voice contradicted what he said. It was more like he was asking himself to think. Had he said, something that could have been misconstrued?

Angelica raised her eyebrow. “Nothing like doing things right the first time?” She echoed Eugene’s sadness.

“I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings.” Damien stood. “Why am I talking to you?” The last thing he said before leaving the porch in a focused march to the barn was, “He needs to get some thick skin.”

“Even I know that’s not going to end well,” Peter moaned.

A bright light glowed from under the door of the barn. Shortly afterward, a stern-faced Dan came out with his hand on Damien’s shoulder.

Nicholas said, “I’m betting three days.”
“Three days for what?”

“Three days for Damien to figure out how to be nicer to Eugene.”

“It’ll take longer than that. They’ve been like that since kindergarten. It’s only more obvious because Damien can blow up things with his fingers.”

“Yes,” Nicholas agreed. “But, Eugene is also getting better at fixing them.”

Demetrius joined them on the porch. “Forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven.”

“What are you doing?” Angelica’s patience with the boys waned and she didn’t know how to handle the frustration. If Demetrius gave a rude answer she promised herself, she’d step on his toe. Really hard.

“The record for the amount of time Damien can stay in an argument with Eugene is 93 seconds.” Demetrius threw his hands in the air. “Not that we’ll ever know now, I lost count.”

A screeching sound from the barn door announced Damien’s soon departure from the barn. Smiling to apologize, Angelica said, “I’m not good with time, but I’d say 93 is still the record.”

His face stern with anger, Damien stomped up the stairs. As he passed by Angelica and Demetrius he said, “Some people can be so difficult,” and continued on his way to wherever it was he was going next.

Demetrius waited for a couple seconds to make sure Damien was out of earshot. “You don’t say?”

Peter’s laugh came out sounding like a hoot and Angelica covered her mouth to stifle the giggle. She had to admire how Demetrius had the ability to make a person forget they were angry enough to step on someone’s toe in less than ten seconds.

Author Note: This post ends with a heartfelt thanks for reading the story. I hope it brought some delight/intrigue/entertainment to your day. And I close wishing you a Happy New Year. May your 2017 be full of love, frienship, wonderful adventures and many reasons to smile.


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