One of Them to Stay

Oberon’s feet barely touched the ground beneath him. The grass behind him stood firmly as though nobody had been there moments prior to tread upon it. Dolph, knowing the appearance of the king of the fairies was a rare occurrence, burned an imprint of the Fay King in his mind. His foreknowledge of fairies altering memories, reminded Dolph to burn the image in several places in his mind. One would surely remain.
DSCF6138Stooping to examine a taller stalk of prairie grass, Dolph witnessed Oberon’s eyes changing from an earthy brown to a dark gold that glowed and dimmed returning to the neutral tone. There was only one other person who was as tightly connected to nature. Dolph asked, “Have you mentioned any of this to Demeter?”

Looking forward, Oberon tapped his finger on his lip as though weighing his words before releasing them. “Maleficent failed in her understanding of the spell she cast on the land.”

“I don’t follow.”

His gaze focused on the landscape ahead of them, Oberon said, “When  Aurora slept, the land remained dormant with her. When she woke, the sleeping dust remained. No one thought to purge the kingdom of it. They left it to take on a life of its own.”

“True love’s kiss! Aphrodite must have a solution.”

“She tried. The result was a population explosion followed by a stronger hate between the kingdoms, and the dust grew even more powerful.”

They walked in silence. Images flashed and settled in Dolph’s mind beginning with a white flaky substance drifting from the sky to land on the countryside barren of people, grass, or any forms of life. Wires connected the poles to a sagging fence; separating him from a solitary car passing by on a road made of a hard, cracked black substance. The grey atmosphere around him mirrored the desolation he knew extended for miles beyond his vision. The images of the future created an unlikely alliance between the two world.
Stopping in front of the entrance to the Adam’s farm, they faced the house. Silhouettes of boys rough housing in one window contrasted several girls sitting in what he guessed to be a circle in the other window.

“You need a princess?”

“A descendant of a ruler would suffice.”

“And we won’t be killing her.”

“Quite the contrary.”  Oberon’s eyes left an imperceptible, yet definite imprint in Dolph’s mind. It was a present—except the time not right to open it, kept curious fingers at bay. “It doesn’t have to be a she. Just one of them must remain. Respect for your question compels me to answer. We are about life, not death. She’d never age, therefore she’d never die.”

Both of them returned to the tableau in front of them. The present and the future meeting in one place. And, the subjects were only mildly aware of the reason why.


Author note:

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