Month: June 2011

Remember Who You Are…

As we left I handed Alex a piece of gum. She said, “My sister said adults don’t chew gum!” Giddy from the red kool aid stupor I thought to myself, “Somebody needs to slap Alex’s sister.” I actually said, “She’s probably never had a teacher with stinky breath.

image of a bird by a nest

The Things Old People Don’t Tell You

After 7 days of this, I realized 2 things. Mrs. B has an empty nest and she is depressed. Which is shocking because I still am the happiest depressed person I know. What happens next? Is this why old ladies have that big hair? It this why old men feed birds at the park? Will my husband get more appreciable tastes in music? (We can only hope) I think it’s the not knowing what’s next is what makes this so hard.