Month: March 2011

Good Does Happen

When I was a child, my father yelled at me for having “Rose Colored Glasses.”  He said, I didn’t see the world for how it really is. Since learning that the fire that was coming out of my eyes was in fact the beginnings of the flu, most […]

Fire From My Eyes

My eyes are on fire.  It feels like little flames are coming out of my nose too.  If you need a mental image think of those scary monster movies where the monster is walking towards the main character with fire blowing out after them.  All this time I […]

picture of a horse

Stress Happens

It is easy to think correctly, however following through can be an entirely different story. Trust me I know. My mind knows how to eat in a way that would help me get down to a size 8. My taste buds say that size 12 food is better. Thus far, the mind is not winning the argument.