Happy Happy Happy

Today-there was a dovetail with my technology. My youtube, blog and social networking. Like the cords of a rope my personality is complete and stronger. I used to have it all together with yahoo 360. There was a group of friends to share stories and encourage each other and my family could connect as well. But, something bad happened and the yahoo blogsite was uhm not so good. So the blogging went on hold and my heart kind of shut down. Who was I going to hear the stories? There was nobody to share their stories with me either. Ho hum. Life went on but it was boring.

Then for some crazy reason I joined facebook. Oh wait, it wasn’t crazy. My friend Roshaun told me about it. Turns out all my real world friends are on facebook and I was out in cyberland wandering around looking at nothing in particular. Or, because the pieces of my puzzle where so scattered a couple would fall out of the box.

Today, they all connected. I am a happy happy happy girl at this moment in time

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